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photo by © David Crenshaw/Tulsa World

Charlie starring as King Arthur in Camelot

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photos from the show by Dave Gribbin ©Theatre Arts Productions, all rights reserved

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5 july, 2006 Personal note from Charlie

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I knew Debbie Dill for three short, but glorious weeks in the summer of 2005. I was in Tulsa to play Arthur in "Camelot" and Debbie was handling all the publicity. I was immediately taken with this bundle of energy with the warmest smile and pixie haircut. Though battling the disease that eventually took her life, Debbie never, for a moment, let it get her down. She was not in denial either, but chose not to have her cancer run her life. She joked about the stylish short wig she wore: she was up at the crack of dawn rustling us slothful actors from our beds for an early morning press junket ( but always armed with a steaming cup of coffee "to go,") she was media guru- cheerleader- den mother and confidante to so many of the people involved in the shows. She knew every student by name and who they were, as well as the visiting guest artists. 

I was terribly saddened to hear that just when she thought she had the battle won, this dreadful disease snuck in, like a thief in the night, and took her away. Though she is gone now I know that her energy, passion and love for the theater and all who work there will forever be part of the fabric of Tulsa. I know that, with every curtain fall, the loudest cheers and whooping will be coming from the lady with the big glasses and even bigger heart.

the cast party hosted by bob skib, photos from Debbie Dill

Bob Skib, Susan Powell, Charlie, Shari Townes, John Sawyer

Claudia Harveth, Charlie, Erin Harveth

thanks to theresa from colorado and Yvonne from michigan for these photos

Personal Note from Charlie

Sadly, we learned from her good friend Theresa, about the passing of Yvonne Gatica at the age of 42, on 7 March, 2006, in her hometown of Flint, Michigan. I had the pleasure of meeting Yvonne in Tulsa when she and Theresa came to see the play. It is hard to lose anyone you love, but I can't imagine how especially difficult and painful it is for a parent to lose a child. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Yvonne's parents, to the rest of her family who knew her as Tia Vonnie, and to all of her good friends. We know she will be missed by those whose lives she touched, including ours.

thanks to sara from oklahoma for the first photo, jeanette from california for the next 3 photos and jenny from tennessee for the last photo

thanks to alice from texas for these photos

thanks to flow from holland for these photos

thanks to sgt cathy dennison who is serving in the U S Army for these 9 photos and we also extend our deepest gratitude to sgt cat and her husband james for all the sacrifices they make to protect our freedom -

cathy, charlie and her husband jim

jim and susan powell

cathy and chad oliverson, mordred

jim and john sawyer, lancelot

theatre daytime

theatre at night

the original costumes from camelot when it was on broadway on loan to the theatre

outside the theatre at night

outside the theatre at night

thanks to baylee from oklahoma for the first 2 photos, adena and trevor from oklahoma for the 3rd & 4th photo, emily from new york for the 5th photo and debbie dill for the last photo of susan powell, shari townes, debbie dill and charlie

thanks to karen from illinois for the first 2 photos and annice from alabama and paige from georgia for the last 3 photos

thanks to cindy from tennessee for these 3 photos

cast . . .

King Arthur . . .Charles Shaughnessy
Guenevere. . .Susan Powell
Lancelot . . .John Sawyer
Pelinore . . .Tom Berenson
Merlyn . . .Tom Berenson
Mordred . . .Chad Oliverson
Nimue . . .Amanda David
Tom of Warwick . . .Tucker Walton

knights . . .

Kris Farnsworth, John Hunt, Sean Hurt Matt Lippmann, Dustin Saied, Roy E. Senyard, Brett Yeakey

lords . . .

David Carpenter, Todd Maxwell, Doug Ruffner, Bob Skib

pages . . .

Ethan Eakin, Sam Embry, Alex Enterline, Samuel Hedges, Geoff Kibble

ladies in waiting . . .

Amanda David, Stephanie Elzea, Kristen Fouke, Suzie Griffiths, Erin Harveth, Pamela Hoagland, Elizabeth Lindsey, Magen Mattox, Audra Miller, Dionne Monae White, Kate Morgan, Amanda Perry, Alisa Pettigrove, Arielle Sonnenschein, Erin Welch

production staff . . .

Shari Townes - Executive Producer
Jon Grodeski - Director/Choreographer
William Margiotta - Musical Director

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