The winners of the contest have been posted! Thanks to all of you for your fantastic entries and congratulations to the winners! Click here - the let's make things better contest to the read the winning entries.

the laura creamer giveaway contest!

We gave away photos and music! Please go to laura's contest page and check it out!

the kindness contest!

it was our biggest and most favorite contest to date. it was the "One person's kindness can make a difference so be kind and pass it on" or, how you can do nice things for other people and win free "stuff" from us too, contest! that took place in December, 2004. Please go to the kindness contest page and check it out!

The ellen degeneres book contest!

Click on the ellen link to read the winning entry and a few of YOUR recommendations as well!

our REALLY BIG Freaky Friday Contest!

We had so many entries and they were all so good, that we decided to have 4 honorable mentions as well. So go to our Freaky Friday page and read all 8 of the winning entries. Thanks so much to all of you for entering!

Here is where you can read all about Charles Shaughnessy's REALLY BIG FREAKY FRIDAY Contest and read the winning entries.

charlie lindsay

Gratitude Contest

The Charles Shaughnessy Website Holiday Gratitude Contest is over. Click here Grateful Contest to read what Charlie had to say in response to all of your wonderful entries and to read the winning entry.

Our very first Stanley contest!

It was our very first "Write The Winning Entry and Win Cool Stanley Stuff Contest!!!" Thanks to all of you that wrote in.

To read the winning entry, click on this link Stanley Contest

The Privilege contest

It was Our VERY FIRST write a winning entry and win cool "Urinetown, The Musical" stuff contest! We called it, "The Privilege Contest"

The contest is over and we have picked the winners! Thanks to everyone for entering. The grand prize winner was Sabine from Germany and there were 6 honorable mention winners.

To read all about it, please click on the link or the image below
The Privilege Contest!
privilege contest

Birthday Adventure Contest

Click on this link to read about Charlie's Big Birthday Adventure Contest 2000.

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