Charles Shaughnessy at the Hollywood Celebrity All Star Baseball Game at Dodger Stadium, 31 July, 1999

Charles was invited to participate in the Celebrity All Star baseball game at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, 31 July, 1999.

Click on the link to see a list of all of the celebrities that appeared at the game, List of Celebrity participants.

Laura Carvajal, Nelda Hacker, Lisa Pearce and Tracy Lavery all attended the game and were kind enough to share their photos with everyone on the website. Thanks to all of them for these great pictures!

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Charlie's signature on a baseball

Description of photos from left to right. . .

  • The celebrities were divided into two teams, the blue team and the black team. Here's the team photo.
  • Charlie signing an autograph for Laura!
  • Charlie before the game started
  • The black team is in the field. . .that's Charlie, front and center in blue!
  • Charlie speaking with his former co-star, Dedee Pfeiffer

The team photo Signing an autograph Pre-game picture

The black team at bat Charlie and Dedee Pfeiffer

Lisa just sent in some more photos from the game.

Description of photos from left to right. . .

  • The first two are Charles with his former co-star Dedee Pfeiffer
  • The Jumbo Screen at beautiful Dodger Stadium, before the game
  • Charles signing an autograph for a fan
  • The next three are introductions of the players before the game

Charlie and Dedee Pfeiffer Charlie and Dedee too Dodger Stadium Charles signing an autograph Before the game Introducing the players Charlie and Dean from the Dodger Black team

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