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Charles Shaughnessy Photo and Video Gallery

To access the pictures & videos, either in thumbnails or individually, please go to this page Picture & video galleries and you will find all the links

The picture galleries are divided into three areas, personal and family photos, work shots and head shots. You can view them by thumbnails, but that is a longer download because it is graphic intensive, or you can access the photos individually. There are also a few videos & slideshows on the page that you will need quicktime to be able to see.

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  • From the "Ask Charlie" portion of his fan club newsletter from 1986 answered by Charlie himself! Ask charlie - Questions and Answers from 1986! (this is a pdf document and you will need to have a pdf reader like preview or adobe acrobat installed on your computer to read it)

    To read all of the FAQs with questions from you and Answers by Charlie, please go to the FAQs page

    charles shaughnessy david habbin morning song contest

    The contest is complete . . . Click on this link Charles Shaughnessy's Morning Song Writing Competition! to read a Message from Charlie to all of you, and the essays he chose

    To read about all of our previous contests & see the winning entries from those, please go to this page Charles Shaughnessy contest page

    Charles Shaughnessy Articles

    From the 12 july, 1988 issue and from the monthly column "Inside Track" click on this link to read the article Days Of Our Lives Charles Shaughnessy Believes in a World Beyond War (this is a pdf document and will need a pdf reader like adobe acrobat or preview if it does not open after downloading)

    To read a collection of articles and press on Charlie through the years, click on this link articles and press

    Dorm Daze

    Charlie appears in this film as Professor Cavendish. Click here to go to the dorm daze 2 page to see the official movie poster and the latest news on the film


    Charlie has written an addendum on this page about Urinetown. We have gotten many, many emails from people that are doing this play or want to do this play and have come up with some resistance because of the title of the show and wanted to know Charlie's opinion on the appropriateness of the show. Go to our Urinetown page to see what he had to say!!

    Charlie joined the cast of Urinetown, The Musical, starring in the part of Caldwell B. Cladwell, on Broadway in New York from 9 September, 2003 through 18 January, 2004 when it ended it's Broadway run and closed it's doors for good.

    To read all about it, including a letter from Charlie on how he got to Urinetown and see his personal photographs from the show and his time in New York, fan photographs and a whole lot more, go to our Urinetown page by clicking on the link or the image below.

    please note that this page has a lot of information on it and it does take a long time to download if you have a slower connection to the internet.


    To read all of Charlie's past soapbox musings and what YOU have had to say in response, please go to the Charles Shaughnessy Soapbox For Charlie's current blogs, you can find those at this link: Charles Shaughnessy's Blogspot Only Connect! blog


    "The Nanny" Season 3 on DVD is now shipping from US

    It can be ordered at at this link

    the nanny DVD SEASON TWO!

    The Nanny DVD

    You can order the Season One DVD in the US at this link The Nanny:Complete First Season

    to read the official SONY press release about the DVD click on this link The Nanny DVD details

    Hurricane Katrina

    On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast of The United States, with the states of Alabama, Louisianna and Mississippi hardest hit. The effect of this devastating hurricane and it's aftermath, has affected all of us. We then had 2 more devastating hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast. In December 2005, we held an auction on eBay, to raise some money to help out in the hurricane stricken areas and it was an overwhelming success! We are very grateful to each and every one of you! For an auction update and additional information, please visit our Charles Shaughnessy hurricane relief page

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Charles Shaughnessy guest starred on CSI: NY
    that aired Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

    Charlie guest starred on episode 6.14 SANGUINE LOVE playing Mr. Christensen, the father of the victim.

    When a young woman's body is found in Central Park, drained of blood and missing part of her ear, the CSIs jumpstart an investigation that takes them into the dark and mysterious subculture of vampirism, on CSI: NY, Wednesday, Feb. 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This episode was written by series star Carmine Giovinazzo.

    Michael Graziadei ("The Young & The Restless") guest stars as Keith, the victim's boyfriend. Finola Hughes ("General Hospital") guest stars as Mrs. Christensen, the victim's mother.

    Check out Official CBS CSI: NY website

    Become a fan of CSI:NY on Facebook

    Follow CSI:NY on Twitter

    Charles Shaughnessy on MAD MEN!!

    Charlie appeared in the recurring role of SAINT JOHN POWELL in the EMMY, Golden Globe, SAG award winning series MAD MEN on AMC

    Check out AMC's Official Mad Men page

    Become a fan of Mad Men on Facebook

    Follow Mad Men on Twitter

    Charlie previously appeared as SAINT JOHN POWELL on MAD MEN in these episodes:

    Charles Shaughnessy Mad MenCharles Shaughnessy Mad MenCharles Shaughnessy Mad MenCharles Shaughnessy Mad MenCharles Shaughnessy Mad Men
    click on small image to enlarge
    "Shut The Door, Have a Seat" 8 November, 2009, (Season 3, Season Finale)

    "Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency" 20 September, 2009 (Season 3, Episode 6)

    "The Color Blue original air date 18 October, 2009 (Season 3, Episode 10)

    "Shut the Door, Have a Seat" original air date 8 November, 2009 (Season 3, Season Finale)

    "The Jet Set" original air date 2 October 2008 (Season 2, Episode 11)

    "Meditations in an Emergency" original air date 26 October 2008 (Season 2, Episode 13 Season Finale)



    charlie's episode of the hit NBC TV show Law & Order: SVU aired in the US on Tuesday, 3 October, 2006. You can now download it at the iTunes store. click here to read about it!

    Charles Shaughnessy TV schedule

    To see TV Now Presents Charles Shaughnessy's current month TV listings, click on the link where can I see Charlie on TV this month?

    Please note that this does NOT include all shows that are in syndication.

    Click on this link for weekly video and photo recaps of Saints and Sinners.

    "Saints and Sinners" starring Charlie, Maria Conchita Alonso and Mel Harris, premiered on Wednesday, 14 March, 2007 from 8pm to 10pm on MyNetwork TV and will air once a week for two hours instead of the initial concept of airing every night.

    You can check when and where the show airs in your area here - local stations Be sure and check local listings for the correct time in your area.


    Charlie guest starred on an episode of Veronica Mars that aired on the New CW network on Tuesday, 21 November, 2006, at 9 pm/8 Central. The episode is the 8th episode of Season 3 of Veronica Mars named Veronica He played a character named Budd Rose. Also guest starring in this episode was Patty Hearst.

    This episode is now available for download at the iTunes USA store.

    Living With Fran

    Fran Drescher

    click on this link "living with fran" for Living With Fran info!

    Mystery Woman

    Mystery Woman: Vision of Murder premiered on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday, 5 June and repeats often. check your local listings for times in your area.

    Click here to go to our mystery woman page

    Young Blades

    Charlie appeared in a guest starring role as Charles De Batz-Castelmore, Comte D'Artagnan in an episode of "Young Blades" called "Sins of the Father" that premiered on the PAX network Sunday, 20 March, 2005.

    Go to our young blades page to access all our photos, movies, slideshows and interviews from "young blades" including a quicktime movie of charlie and toby practicing sword fighting!

    The Nanny Reunion

    Lifetime TV
    the nanny reunion, "a nosh to remember" premiered on Lifetime TV in December, 2004. To see Charlie's personal photos and a quicktime slideshow from the day of taping, go to this link "the nanny reunion on lifetime

    Stanley on the Disney Channel

    Charlie is the voice of Dennis, in the animated series for Disney Channel TV called "Stanley." Dennis is Stanley's very cool, extremely well educated, verbosely versatile, talking goldfish, and best friend, Dennis!

    On our "Stanley" page, you can see all of our "Stanley stuff" including a rough cut quicktime movie of Charlie accepting his EMMY award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for his portrayal of Dennis the Goldfish on "Stanley," Charlie bringing Dennis to "life" and the opening of Playhouse Disney and Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage and our good friend Ian from North Carolina at Disneyworld!

    Stargate SG-1

    Charlie did an episode of Stargate SG-1,called "Covenant."

    To see photos and access Charlie's exclusive interview about his visit to the Stargate, please go to our Stargate SG-1 page.

    Heavy Gear

    Major Drake Alexander WAllis

    Charlie is the voice of Major Drake Alexander Wallis III on the animated series, "Heavy Gear." His character is the leader of the Northern guard representing the forces of the infamous vanguard of justice. To read all about the exciting series and the "Heavy Gear" universe, go to the "Heavy Gear" page.

    Soap Talk

    Soap Talk

    Charlie appeared on a "Days Of Our Lives" 40th Anniversary show on "Soap Talk." Soap Talk is hosted by Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway. The show aired on the Soap Net network on Monday, 7 November.

    Also appearing on this anniversary show will be Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, Suzanne Rogers, Melissa Reeves, Stephen Nichols, Frances Reid, and Ken Corday.

    Charlie was also a guest on SoapTalk on a show that originally aired on 30 June, 2003. For more information and photos from behind the scenes, click on this link SoapTalk

    She Spies

    Charlie appeared in the season finale of "She Spies: Bad Girls Gone Good." titled "We'll Be Right Back!" To read all about his experience there, to find out where and when to see "She Spies" and see photos from the set, click on the link or the image below.

    natashia & kristen natasha


    Charlie did a guest appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch that aired friday, 6 april, 2001 playing the part of James Hexton, the headmaster of the school "Witchright Hall." This was supposed to be the spin-off series of Sabrina that would air beginning in fall of 2001, however, the WB decided not to pick up the series.

    Charlie did a guest appearance on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" that aired Friday, October 13th, 2000. He played the part of "Alec" in episode #102, "You Can't Twin." Charlie's character is an actor who plays a doctor on a soap opera. . . from the other realm!!!

    Touched By an Angel

    Charlie filmed an episode of "Touched by an Angel" for CBS. He played the part of David Satterfield who is distanced from his wife and daughter while he plunges himself into his work to avoid his own heartache. Monica reveals herself to him to understand where his priorities lie and his own healing can take place. This was a wonderful episode about Alzheimers disease. The episode that Charlie did was titled "Remembering Me" and was episode 905, 5th of the 9th season.

    "Touched by an Angel" starred Roma Downey as Monica, Della Reese as Tess, John Dye as Andrew and Valerie Bertinelli as Gloria.

    This episode aired on Saturday, 16 November, 2002. It was the first episode of a two part episode storyline. Charlie was only in the first part.To see photos from "Touched By An Angel" click on this link Photos




    Charlie performed in the play ORSON'S SHADOW in the part of Laurence Olivier at the renowned Pasadena Playhouse in Los Angeles, California. The play ran from 11 January, 2008 through 17 February 2008


    Charles Shaughnessy

    5 july, 2006 with a personal note from Charlie

    Charlie starred as King Arthur in the wonderful musical "Camelot" in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    To find out all the details, and see photos, including over 70 photos from the production as a pdf slideshow, go to our Camelot page.

    Charles Shaughnessy

    Charles Shaughnessy

    for photos and information from this play that charlie recently did, click on this link the unexpected man

    My Fair Lady

    Charlie appeared as Henry Higgins in a production of "My Fair Lady" at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera which ran for 15 performances, July 8th through July 20th, 2003 as part of their Summer season of musicals.

    Charlie has written a letter about his time in Pittsburgh and we have included a whole bunch of photos, his "homage to pittsburgh." To read the letter and see the photos, as well as see photos from the production & rehearsals and photos that those of you that saw the show sent in to us to use, and to read interviews that Charlie did, please go to our My Fair Lady page by clicking on the link Charlie in My Fair Lady or the image below.

    Pittsburgh CLO

    Please be advised that everything is on one page, so it will take a bit longer to download.

    Disney Movies


    To read all about The Disney Channel movie starring Charlie and the very funny and talented Caroline Rhea from TV's "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and "Hollywood Squares." and see photos from the set, click on the vampire link! "Mom's Got A Date With a Vampire"

    "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire" originally aired during the months of October through December, 2000,and re-runs occasionally on The Disney Channel.

    get a clue

    Get A Clue

    You can now purchase a DVD copy of "Get A Clue" through at this link: Get a Clue This item was released on May 31, 2005 and features an alternate ending in the DVD extras, that was shot and not used.

    "Get A Clue" premiered on the Disney Channel on June 28 at 8 PM ET/PT.

    "Get a Clue" follows the exploits of a young girl, Lexy, who is a privileged twelve year old who has spent her entire life amongst the wealthy and elite of Manhattan. Clad in Prada, she prides herself on her ability to get the scoop and serve it up in her school's gossip column. When a photo she has taken of her teachers is published in the city's daily paper, things start getting weird. A teacher goes missing and she along with her working class family friend, Jack, set out to solve the mystery. What follows is an action-packed adventure laced with mystery and drama.

    In addition to Charlie who plays "Meany/Falco", included in the cast are Lindsay Lohanas Lexy, Amanda Plummer as Miss Dawson, Bug Hall as Jack, Brenda Song as Jennifer, Ali Mukaddam as Gabe, and Ian Gomez as Mr. Walker. "Get a Clue" is directed by Maggie Greenwald.

    spin and marty

    Charlie starred with Judd Nelson, David Gallagher and Jeremy Foley in the Wonderful World of Disney's Spin and Marty movie

    independent films

    what we did on our holidays

    Charlie has finished shooting in this film playing the part of Dr./Mr. Wilkinson.

    For more information on the movie, based on Geoff Nicholson's novel, check out this page click here. This movie is in post production. No release info yet.

    kids in america

    Kids in America can be purchased from here

    Visit the official website kids in america movie for more information

    Helming Indie is 'Kids' Stuff for Stolberg By Chris Gardner

    Scribe Josh Stolberg, who recently sold his script "The Passion of the Ark" to Warner Bros. Pictures for $1.5 million against $2.5 million, will make his directorial debut on the indie "Kids in America," with "Everwood" star Gregory Smith set to topline.

    Smith will star in the project -- described as a cross between "Pump Up the Volume" and "Say Anything" -- alongside Rosanna Arquette, Samantha Mathis, Elizabeth Perkins, Adam Arkin, Nicole Richie, George Wendt, W. Earl Brown, Charles Shaughnessy, Stephanie Sherrin and Crystal Grant.

    The film centers on a group of diverse kids, led by Smith, who band together to take on the corrupt school administration. Shooting is scheduled to start May 19 in Los Angeles with Andrew Shaifer, Scott Rosenfelt and Billie Greif producing. Shaifer co-wrote the script with Stolberg. Karen Meisels is handling casting duties.

    Stolberg is repped by managers Matt Luber at Nine Yards Entertainment and David Phillips and attorneys Karl Austen and David Matlof. He co-wrote "Ark" with scribe Bobby Florshim. Solo, he wrote a script called "Good Luck Chuck," which sold to New Line Cinema. Smith is repped by Endeavor, Anonymous Content and attorney Michael Fuller. He stars in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival selection "Book of Love."

    something about sex

    "Denial" is an independent film that Charles made in 1997 that was released in May, 1999 directly to video. The title has been changed and it has been released under the new title "Something about Sex: Watch Your Favorite Part" Starring Patrick Dempsey, Jonathan Silverman, Amy Yasbeck and Jason Alexander. This movie is Rated R. It is available for rental at selected Blockbuster and other video stores in the U.S.

    "Something about Sex" is available for purchase on DVD at Something About Sex in DVD version and in VHS at Something About Sex in VHS version

    second chances

    "Second Chances" an independent film that Charles made is now available for purchase at Second Chances

    soldiers of change

    1 february, 2006

    This movie is being released directly to DVD and has had the name changed to "Soldiers of Change" You can order it from here

    29 NOVEMBER, 2000 press release

    "THE PAINTING" Charles Shaughnessy has landed a starring role in Santa Monica Studios' "The Painting," a feature set against the backdrop of the 60's Civil Rights Movement and war in Vietnam. Shaughnessy plays the dashing multi-millionaire 'Randolph Barrington III,' a world renowned art collector who becomes the sole parent to his young son 'Randy' following his wife's accidental death. The elder 'Barrington' asks his trusted African American driver to help him raise 'Randy,' who grows torn between the men's two different worlds when he eventually falls in love with the chauffeur's niece and gets involved in the civil rights movement.

    Filmed in Kansas City, "The Painting" is a film is directed by Josh Rose from a script by Morris Taylor. Producers are David Rose and Michael Hammer.

    Also in the cast are Debbie Allen, Ben Vereen. Clifton Davis, Heath Freeman , Stacy Dash, and Billy Moses.

    Charles Shaughnessy

    holiday letters
    To read the past letters that Charlie has written, from december 1999 to december, 2006, click on the link Holiday letters or the image below to see and read them!

    snow New York snow New York


    here are some photos from charlie's birthday celebration 2005 and opening a few presents and cards from you! you can find them here charlie's birthday photos

    Blue Angels

    Charlie had a big birthday celebration with the Blue Angels. Click on this link to read all about it Blue Angels Flight

    Click on this link to see the photos Photos from the Blue Angels flight Web Site

    To see a complete filmography for Charlie, go to the Internet Movie Data Base Appearances in film and television

    holiday letters

    To read the letters that Charlie has written, from december 1999 to january, 2007, click on the link Holiday letters or the image below to see and read them!

    snow New York snow New York


    On 31 July, 1999, Charlie participated in the Hollywood Celebrity All Star Baseball Game at Dodger Stadium. You can see the photos and the participants at this page Celebrity baseball at Dodger stadium.

    Disney World

    Disney Parade

    Charlie and his family visited the Magic Kingdom in April, 1999 where he was the Celebrity of the Day and in the parade that took him to the Disney-MGM studios themepark. To see the photos go to Disneyworld


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