"The Nanny" Is Ticked by E! Online News Staff
April 19, 1999

Hell hath no fury like The Nanny--or her fans--scorned.

Fran Drescher's using her fine whine to great effect these days, complaining that CBS is depriving her faithful of paying their last respects to her soon-to-be-deceased sitcom.

Drescher's fans, meanwhile, are backing up their main leading lady, taking it to the Internet to call for an all-out, let-us-see-our-show campaign.

At issue are The Nanny's five "lost" episodes.

Two weeks ago, CBS announced it was pulling Drescher's housekeeping comedy from its Wednesday lineup A.S.A.P., in favor of Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. The banishment is to last until May 19, when the series' hourlong finale is scheduled to air.

Missing from that schedule are the five so-called "lost" episodes--not-yet-aired Nannys. The way CBS has it mapped out now, the next time you see The Nanny will be the last time you see The Nanny.

Fran Drescher is not amused.

"I have no idea why this decision was made, and I have much regret that the audience that supported us all these years will be shortchanged," Drescher tells today's New York Post.

On his Official Charles Shaughnessy Website , costar Charles Shaughnessy describes himself as equally "shocked" and "amazed" by CBS' move.

"It was always our understanding that with the network's decision not to renew next year came the promise of an all-out promotional blitz, coupled with a batch of really 'hot' shows and story developments, to send the show off into the sunset in style," Shaughnessy writes.

Among the to-be-lost tidbits, according to Shaughnessy: A "wonderful" guest turn by crooner Steve Lawrence.

The miffed actor goes on to dis the new John Larroquette sitcom Payne--the show which briefly inherited The Nanny's time slot--as "an unmitigated [ratings] disaster."

Nanny fans, meanwhile, are sensing the time is now to strike.

"We aren't asking for the moon here, folks, just the chance to see all the episodes that were produced, preferably, in order," reads the mission statement on The Nanny Fans Fight Back! page from The Really Unofficial Nanny Home Page

Fans are urged to deluge CBS and various media outlets with email, snail mail and faxes.

So far, CBS has had no comment on The Nanny doings. A network spokesperson said no decision has been made regarding the unscheduled, unaired episodes.

The Nanny, starring Drescher as Queens-born nanny Fran Fine, premiered on CBS in September 1993.

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