A personal letter from Charlie to all of the fans of The Nanny 1999

To All The Nanny Fans:

I am as shocked and amazed as you are at CBS's decision to "yank" The Nanny for the rest of the season. It was always our understanding that with the network's decision not to renew next year, came the promise of an all-out promotional blitz, coupled with a batch of really "hot" shows and story developments, to send the show off into the sunset in style. We certainly worked very hard to deliver our side of the bargain- I am so sorry you will miss C.C's and Niles' hysterical romance as it blossoms over the next few weeks; Steve Lawrence's wonderful portrayal of Morty, as he wins back Sylvia's heart with some of that " ol' Black Magic "; the spectacular musical numbers ( Niles "does" Chorus Line!) from the episode "Yetta's Letters" where Maxwell produces a musical based on Yetta's letters to a young beau back in the old country...... really, I do believe we made some of our best shows ever during the last couple of months, and now they will be replaced by re-runs of "Raymond." I have to say, I do not understand their thinking.

It's not so much that I am upset for myself, for although we worked hard to finish out our episodes with style and grace, we were well paid for our efforts- whether they show them or not; but I do feel outraged for you, the fans, who have been with us for six years and deserved a better send-off than this. Yes, our numbers have been bad opposite ABC and NBC, but so far, nothing else has done any better. Indeed, "Payne", the show they seem to be trying to save, has been an unmitigated disaster, going down a full point after us!!

I can only say I am very sorry, and apologize on behalf of CBS for leaving you frustrated and bewildered. They do seem set on this course of events, but it certainly can't hurt to write, e-mail, telephone them with your opinions. The show was not doing well enough to come back next year, but how can they expect their audience to be there for whatever they replace it with, if this is the level of loyalty they show. After a successful and lucrative six years, at least let The Nanny and her fans say "Goodbye" with dignity. Needless to say, I appreciate your loyalty to me and the show .This site will be here to keep you and me in touch with each other and with what is going on in my career. Have a great summer and here's to the next adventure!!!

best wishes, Charlie

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