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Q. This is a small sampling of similar questions that we have taken from some of your e-mails. Since we couldn't possibly answer all of them, we thought it would be easier if we put it all together in one giant question/answer/explanation!

Upon sending CS several e-mails over the past few months the reply is always the same automaic response. Is there a possible electronic error or is it a continuing, indefinite answer to everyone's mail? I realize all e-mail would not be personally answered all the time, but then again all e-mail isn't made up of "FAQ". Usually he e-mail I've sent contains little or no questions, just matter of fact casual corespondence about projects in general, etc. Even a sporadic reply is better than "automatic" If, as the website states, "read all mail", "visit often", "personally will reply" "love to hear from you", is not true anymore, then maybe the web designer and said party should do some editing to it. I realize, at times, people are busy, etc., but it make one wonder. . . I don't know who is phonier, you or your flunky webmaster. . . Whether you read all your e-mail as you state is the truth, is only for you to know. I think,eventually, whatever fans you have remaining will tire of a repeated automatic response and label you pretentious. Right now you probably have your reasons for using only an automatic response to your e-mail,but not everyone will welcome this repetition with understanding. As you know, in the industry,which is essentially a marketing game,you have to use all means to put yourself out there, to sell yourself so to speak,which makes the web a marvelous marketing device. But remember,it's a two way street, a give and take experience. A one way street will eventually slow you down and perhaps bring your project hopes to a halt. Anyway, what you do is strictly your business. . . Could you please e-mail me without the automatic response? . . . I am your number one fan. Please write back just to me! . . . If u have anytime to write back or even read this I would be the happiest person in the world. :) . . .I know that you know that all your fans want a personal email reply from you and that it is not possible to answer them all but, please I am begging you if you can make an exception, because I am sad in this moment because of the show, but you have NO idea how I would feel if one night If i receive an email from you, it would be the happier day of my life, I would never throw the email out, never, PLEASE, just one email to your number one fan!!!!!! PLease!! . . . I am your number one fan!!!!! Please be pen pals with me! Please!!! . . . Could you please e-mail me, without a automatic response things it WOULD mean A LOT to me!!!. . .Is this really Charles? I hope that you will find the time to write me back who ever this may be!. . .I would love to hear from you. When you get a chance, please write me!! . . . Hello who ever this is, this is a complain letter. I think you are really bad, you ask your self why, O.K., I'll tell you why, it's because I had wrote you two letters, and what did I get, I got the same answer in my e-mail twice. I mean what is this, is this kind of a joke for you?, why are you making jokes of the fans, you know I really disappointed from you. And I even believed you that Charles is reading all of the mails himself, yea right, come on, what do you think other fans feel like. It's really hurt me you know, and if this letter gets to Charles Shaughnessy, I mean the real Charles Shaughnessy, so please do something about it.

To all of you that have written, I do, in fact, read all of the e-mail that is sent to me. Everyone also gets an automatic response e-mail that I wrote whenever you write to me. (except for some people that have hotmail accounts that for some reason can't receive email from us, and don't get them, and/or have not set your spam filters to accept mail from It's my way of saying "thanks for writing to me and I have received your e-mail." I think it would be rude if you didn't receive any acknowledgement at all after taking the time to write to me, so aj suggested using this cool automatic response thing. The truth is, even though I try to read every letter, as much as I would like to, I cannot reply in person to your letters. I'm sure you can understand that with the amount of messages I get sent from all over the world, it is a lot just to read them! If I tried to answer them all, I would probably have to give up all contact with my wife and kids, subsist on an intravenous diet, stop working, do entirely without sleep, type with both feet and hands, and STILL not get to all the mail!!! So to all of you that have felt brushed aside, please know that it means a lot to me to hear from you, I hope that you will continue to write, and I hope you understand why you don't hear back from me personally!

Q. What is Charlie's age?

Charles was born on February 9th, 1955.

Q. Is Charles married?

Yes. Charles has been happily married to Susan Fallender since May 21, 1983 and they have two beautiful girls, Jenny and Madelyn.

Q. How can I write a personal letter to another cast member of "The Nanny" now that it's over?

Sorry, but I do not have addresses for any of the cast of "The Nanny."

Q. Do you have email addresses for the other cast members of "The Nanny"?

No, sorry, I don't have any email addresses for the other cast members.

Q. Is "The Nanny" on DVD so that I can buy it?

You can purchase the Season One DVD in the US at this link:

Season Two of The Nanny on DVD can be purchased in the US at this link:

Q. Is there going to be a reuinion show of "The Nanny"

The reunion show of "The Nanny" aired on 6 december, 2004 at 8 pm. You can see some of charlie's personal photos here nanny reunion

The Original MORE PERSONAL FAQs. . . from your e-mails, answered by Charlie himself!

Q. Were parts of "Fran's Gotta Have It" really shot in London?

Yes, they were.

Q. Who was your favorite guest star on "The Nanny"?

Donald O'Connor.

Q. What position did you play when you played softball?

Deep right field next to the hot dog vender!!!!

Q. What position did/do you play in soccer?

Right wing.

Q. What's your favourite perfume/cologne?

For me, Cacheral for Men or Eau Savage by Christian Dior and Susan wears Kenzo.

Q. Where will you spend your summer holidays?

Hopefully in the sun!

Q. Do you play any musical instruments?

I don't play any musical instruments. Maddy plays the piano in our house.

Q. Where is your favourite place in England (other than Home)?

The Cornish Coast.

Q. Who would you most like to work with?

My wife, Susan.

Q. I read awhile back that you had another dog named Betty and I was wondering what happened to her?

Betty was very sweet but very nervous and grew more so in the presence of our kind, but excitable 3 year old. Luckily we found a perfect home with older children. We hear from them constantly and she's doing great. Better for all of us!

Q. Do you know Juergen Klinsmann? He was my favourite football player, now he stopped.

Klinsmann will be missed. Poor Bayern Munich. What a game! Do you think England has a chance for the World Cup? I think so!

Q. My question is, if you could tell me where I could possibly get copies of "Denial"? And is "Second Chances" even out on video yet?

"Denial" was released in May, 1999, directly to video under the new title "Something about Sex:Watch Your Favorite Part" This movie is Rated R. It will be available for rental on 22 June, 1999 at selected Blockbuster and other video stores, in the U.S. It can also be purchased from in DVD Something About Sex in DVD version or in VHS Something About Sex in VHS version.

PLEASE NOTE: "Second Chances" an independent film that Charles made is now available for purchase at Second Chances

Q. I've read briefly about the Disney production - - "Spin and Marty". Now it will be shown in 99-00. Can you tell us anything about that series? Have you begun working on it, is it really a weekly series or is it a movie? What is your role in it?

"The New Adventures of Spin and Marty: Suspect Behavior" is not a series, it's a movie that I made for The Wonderful World of Disney that is based on the original Spin and Marty series. It is scheduled to be shown in the 1999-2000 season. This is the official press release from Disney that will give you more information. Press Release for Spin and Marty You can purchase a copy of "The New Adventures of Spin and Marty: Suspect Behavior" at cover

Q. How did you feel recording the last episode of The Nanny? sad? happy?

Actually, you can read the answer to that question and see photos from the final night by going to this page From the final curtain to the party afterward

Q. Who makes you laugh?

My family. Especially my children.

Q.What color are your eyes? It's so difficult to see on the telly?

They are green, olive green!

Q. How do you feel when you turn on the TV and see yourself on that?

It feels great! I'm always happy to be working!

Q. What's the strangest moment you've turned on the TV set and seen yourself looking back?

The very first time I saw myself on TV was both strange and wonderful!

Q. When the final taping of The Nanny was over, what happened to the sets?

All of the sets get broken down, packed up and sent back to SONY! As a matter of fact, here's a photo of what was left of Maxwell's office as it was being packed up and sent back for recycling! The office You can sometimes see parts recycled on other shows!

Q. Do you have any pets?

june, 2006

So many of you have written in and asked if we have animals and we do have photos up on the website through the years of our animals, especially of Danny and me, but sadly, Danny our miniature Schnauzer Danny the dog became quite ill, and passed away. He is certainly missed by all of us. For now, we only have one cat Sam that Maddy got for her sixth birthday.

Q. Do you have any idea where my friend and I could find a copy of "Till we meet again"? I've never seen it and he loved it so we were looking for it. Yes, here are your options for buying "Till We Meet Again":

In the US The 4 disk DVD Collection

VHS in the United Kingdom and Germany (UK import)

Q. What happened to Yetta on the show? Wasn't she engaged to Ray Charles last season?

Yetta and "Sammy" were engaged last season, but we have not seen them since. I guess Ray Charles was busy with other projects and they couldn't work out the time. This often happens to busy performers who make recurring appearances on a show, but are not subject to an ongoing contract.

Q. On Hollywood squares, one of your questions was about Haggis. You said it was sheep intestines and that you had eaten it. I was just wondering...what do sheep intestines taste like?

Sheep intestines taste like....well......Chicken!!!

Q. Did you tape the episode on The Nanny in which Maxwell was on Hollywood Squares at the same time as you taped your appearance on the show? You were dressed a lot like Maxwell during the week that you were on.

No, they were not taped on the same day. When we taped the Nanny episode they asked me if I would like to do it. I did mine about a month later. The similar wardrobes is just testament to the fact that Charlie only wishes he had Maxwell's clothes!!

Q. Who were you named after?

No one else in my family was named Charles. I think my parents just liked the name...of course, after Prince Charles it was a popular name for awhile in England.

Q. My friend said he saw you at the Oscars last night, but I couldn't believe him. Have you been to the ceremony this year?

Sorry, but it wasn't me at the Oscars - probably got me mixed up with Ben Affleck!

Q. Do you speak any languages other than english?

This much! Da! -Bien sure! - Ja, ausgezeichnet!- Si, absolutamente!- and a smattering of Latin!

Q. Have you ever thought about acting in plays in one of the theatres that are just outside of Los Angeles?

With regard to acting at South Coast or San Diego....if the right play comes up, absolutely! As far as other plays that I have done, you can find all of that information on my events page

Q. I know you are a supporter of the Chelsea Football Club. What do you think about their chances to win the Premier League this year?

Yes, I used to live around the corner from the Chelsea Football Club at Stamford Bridge. They're doing very well right now, but then they seem to have the French International defense and the Italian front line!! All we need is the Brazilian midfield and the premiership is our's for the taking!!

Q. What TV shows do you like to watch on your own time?

Don't get much time for TV with two kids. We do all watch "The Gilmore Girls" together. We used to love SportsNight and The Larry Sanders Show and "The West Wing". Susan and I never miss "Grey's Anatomy" It's television at its best. We also never miss "Medium" based on the life of my friend Allison Dubois and "Lost"

Q. Do you plan to keep in touch with the rest of the cast when the show ends?

We were all sad to see "The Nanny" end mainly because we have all enjoyed each other so much. I'm sure some of us will stay in touch to some extent, but in this business you tend to move on in different directions.

Q. So Charlie, how was your birthday this year?

Great! First let me say thank you to all of the people that sent me e-mails for my birthday. My webmaster suggested that we put a special place on the website just for people that wanted to send birthday wishes. Since I am new to all of this web stuff, I said OK! I have to tell you, I just couldn't believe how many of you took the time to write to me! I was so touched by all of your kind and thoughtful words. I loved all of the cards that sang and moved, and, well, all of it was just super! I really love this whole being on the web, electric highway experience! Thank you all so much for thinking of me and taking the time to write.
To read Charlie celebrates his 44th birthday with help from some "special" friends click here

9 february, 2005 for photos from charie's 50th birthday, check out this link charile's 50th birthday

Q. I am very interested in pursuing a career in theatre. Since you have done theatre, can you give me some suggestions?

Oh boy! The only rule is...There are NO RULES! You can study Drama for years, you can start as a model, you can become a successful sports figure, you can become a high-profile felon or even a Presidential "fluffer": there is no limit to the ways "in to" showbiz! The one thing I would urge anyone interested in "treading the boards" ...get another "string to your bow." Get a degree in something, get trained in something, be good at something...anything else first. It will not only give you "something to fall back on " in the lean times ( and there will be lean times, believe me!) but it will also give you a sense of yourself, and self- esteem, outside of that of" actor." Then, by all means, follow your bliss...and Good Luck!!

Q. I am studying music and law. I often wonder whether the passion one feels for art, be it drama, literature or music could ever be found for something as bland as contract law? My question: how easy was it for you to drop the law and follow an acting career? Do you think that you should always follow your heart and not your head?

Funnily enough, in England, there is a healthy tradition of Law and Theatre co-mingling. The most famous London Club for actors, The Garrick, is also the club for those condemned to servitude in the legal profession. Many lawyers have become actors or writers, though I know of no one moving in the opposite direction. As for " Heart or Head "...I always think it's wise to follow your stomach. The surest route to regular meals is the way to go.

Q. What would you like to do after The Nanny?

Stay working!!

Q. Do you have a middle name?

Yes. Two! My full name is Charles George Patrick Shaughnessy.

Q. As an Englishman, was it hard to adapt to America? If so, why ? How do Great Britain and the United States differ?

Well, they all talk differently over here! Actually I love it here. I enjoy visiting England every now and then, but I don't think I could ever live there least not for a while. Americans seem to be a lot more open and vulnerable in general. Us Brits tend to be rather reserved and "resolute." Of course there's a time and place for both, but I find it easier, living amongst the former. I miss the soccer and the Beer. There is nothing like a pint of flat, warm Abbott Ale on a summer's evening by a trout stream , with the fish jumping and the sun setting...aaaahhh maybe I will move back sooner than I thought!!!!

Q. What happened to your hair? You let it grow long. Why? Some of us think you look better with short hair!

Once I have said 'Goodbye' to the up-tight and tonsorially limited Maxwell, I fully intend to let it grow below my goyisha "tuchas"!

Q. What kind of art do you like and who is your favorite artist/sculptor?

Kandinsky, Turner ( The Fighting Temeraire ) and Cezanne. Kevin Sloan, Tom Corbin and Roy Fairchild Wooddard.

Q. Besides winning at Jeopardy, what do you do with all that Cambridge law stuff in your head?

You should see me with a Crossword Puzzle! Though I'm not sure my parents see my education as money well spent!

Q. Do you keep in touch with any of your former Days co-stars?

Occasionally, I do run into someone from DOOL, but otherwise I have not kept in touch.

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