More Personal FAQ's. . .from your e-mails, answered by Charlie himself! Part three!

Q. I see you are doing a new animated series. I was just wondering what was your first animated role and what is it like to do animation, I mean how is it different from being on the screen?

Doing animation is a vacation in the sun for an actor. It doesn't matter what you look like and you get to be as loud and " over-the-top" as you want. My first animation job was for a brilliant show called "Duckman." I played a number of roles including the "live action" Duckman.

Q. I am a 7th grade Language Arts (Reading and English) teacher and I am always looking for a way to motivate my students to read and write for a real purpose. I would really appreciate a note I could share with my students explaining the role reading and writing have had in your life-- how it has affected your success. By looking at your amazon store, it looks like you do a lot of reading!

There are many forms of communication, particularly in the world of the Arts, but language is still, for most of us, the primary means of conveying an idea or communicating with another person. A rich vocabulary elevates this communication and allows the speaker to refine and define his points. I have found no greater influence on my vocabulary than reading books. This culture is boundless and most of the ideas that map it are found in books. READ ON!!!

Q. I would like to know, I saw episodes where Mr. Sheffield was smoking cigars. I was wondering does this mean that you, yourself also smoke cigars as well.

I do enjoy an occasional cigar with a glass of port, usually outside on a cool summer's night.

Q. Fran had her parents on the show a lot. Her husband did a few cameos. Did anyone in your family ever have a part in the show?

No, I was the only one from my family that was on "The Nanny."

Q. The scene with you helping Grace remember her mother, of you talking to Sara's picture before the engagement, and then to Sara herself the night before the wedding are some of my favorites. Which serious, emotional scene do your remember as one of your favorites during your years as Maxwell Sheffield?

I have to say that the scene when Maxwell talks to the ghost of his late wife was very touching . Bess Armstrong is a lovely actress and it was a nice scene to play. Also, the scene where Max has to talk Fran into going through with the wedding was a favorite.

Q. If you had a chance to go to college again what would you study?

Computer sciences. Then I would quickly join the world of the millionaires!!!

Q. Do you worry about being type-cast as the "90's sensitive father" type.

Well, in my new movie, "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire", I diversify a bit. I play that role but with fangs!! Maybe that's the sensitive father type for the new millennium!

Q. Could you tell me if the episode of Australia, was really shot in Australia, or was it computerized?

I don't ever remember doing an episode in Australia!!!

Q. How long did it take to tape one episode of the Nanny? Did you tape in front of a live audience?

It usually took five days, with the taping before a live audience on friday nights. Except for a few episodes, most of them were taped before a live audience.

Q. Were you able to take your daughter to see the U.S. Women win the World Cup at the Rose Bowl this year?

Actually Susan took Jenny to the Rose Bowl and they loved it! Maddie and I watched it at home on the telly.

Q. I've read on some web sites that you were in Harry and the Hendersens, but I've watched that movie back and forth and I haven't seen you. So is that just a rumor or were you really in that movie. And if you were what part did you play?

Sorry, I wasn't in the movie, I was a guest star on the tv series a long time ago!

Q.You did a little dancing on "The Nanny." My personal favorite was the camp reunion where you danced to "Two Different Worlds." Do you like to dance and have you ever taken lessons?

I dance very occasionally, as my wife, Susie, who was a ballet dancer, tends to laugh out loud!!!

Q. In Fran's book, Enter Whining, she says you showed up at your audition wearing your yellow Wellies. She said they were looking for Cary Grant and they got the Gorton's Fisherman. What made you decide to wear those boots?

I guess I had to show them that what they were really looking for was Cary Grant, dressed as the Gorton Fisherman!!

Q. Next month I will be on vacation in London. Is there any very interesting place I should visit?

Take the River Bus cruise down to Greenwich from Westminster Pier.

Q. Were you in Agatha Christie's "Partners in crime" and what part did you play in Jury"?

In "Partners in Crime" I was in "The Case of the Pink Pearl" and in Jury, I was Julian.

Q. I have read in several places online that you have an identical twin brother. Is that true?

NO, but I played one on TV!!! I have one younger brother named David Shaughnessy. Here we are with our mum and dad. The family. I do not have a twin brother.

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