MORE PERSONAL FAQs. . . from your e-mails, answered by Charlie himself! Part two!

Q. If you got the opportunity to play the role of James Bond, would you do it? I'm just curious to know because I think you'd make a great James Bond!

Thanks! By the time Pierce Brosnan gives it up, I'll probably be about the right age to play Q!

Q. What is your favorite food?

When I was a kid my Mum would always make the same dinner the night before I went back to school (it was a boarding school, so I would not have home cooking for the next three months!) She would make a prawn cocktail, a juicy fillet steak with roast potatoes, spinach and carrots, followed by green mint ice cream with mint thins. It's still a pretty good meal!!! I also like sushi now, though I'm sure I would have run screaming from the room back then.

Q. Do you cook?

I like to cook, and have a beautiful kitchen in which to perform, but I am no Emeril. I'm good on the basics and catch-all stews. I find salmon a great fish to cook...a lot of options. Now my brother, David....he's a great cook.

Q. Are you romantic?

I consider myself pretty romantic, though you'd have to ask Susan for confirmation! When you've been married for a while, it is important to have respect for each other ...a genuine respect for the needs and wishes of your partner. Out of that can spring many romantic gestures and moments, but make sure they're not just that ...gestures. We make sure that every now and then we get away without the children; even for a night in a local hotel. We have a nice dinner, a long candle lit bath with all kinds of oils and salts in it, and most importantly, a room to ourselves without the chance of anyone else having nightmares and wanting to climb into bed with us!

Q. Was the "Love in Paris" episode of The Nanny really shot in Paris?

"Love in Paris" was indeed shot in Paris. Of course the interiors were on our sound stage here in Culver City, but all the montage stuff and shopping and sights were in Gay Paris. Fran and I had been down in the South of France for a TV Convention, and it just seemed to be too good of an opportunity to miss. So we flew to Paris for three days and shot that footage.

Q. What do actors say and whisper when in they are in the background? Do you have real words that you say?

Well, that's kind of a trade secret. But I will tell you that as far as the whispering goes...Fran has actually made me blush on occasion. In the background, extras are usually asked to say real words, but not so as you can make sense of them. That would be too distracting.

Q. Do you actually read all of our e-mails that are sent to you?

I would be hard pressed to answer these questions if I wasn't! I love to hear from you! You can write to me at:

Q. Can you tell us what it has been like working with your TV kids?

I was very lucky to be working with such great kids on the show. I have really watched them grow up and I am so proud of all of them. Benjamin has always been a smart cookie, and now he's off to college and who knows what (unless he gets a new series, of course!). I am totally confident he will be successful in whatever he chooses. Nichole has blossomed into a stunningly beautiful young lady and very talented actress...we have certainly not seen the last of her! And Maddie, I have a special soft spot for as she has the same name as my real youngest. She is wise beyond her years and very self-assured. She too is a terrific actress and will go on to bigger and better things.

Q. I have written a book/script/treatment/play that I think would be great for you. Can I send it to you?

You really have to get an agent before anyone in the Biz will accept a script or idea from you. This is to protect both parties. A lot of people can have the same idea at the same time and unless there has been an official channel to communicate your idea, it can get very messy. So, first thing is to contact an agent and talk to them about submitting any of your work.

Q. Are you planning to visit my country?

Thank you to all of you that live overseas that have been writing and asking if I am planning trips to where you live anytime soon. I hope someday to visit all of your beautiful countries!

As of right now, I have no plans for any overseas trips, but you never know what the future holds! Certainly any overseas appearances that I do have will definitely be listed on the website.

Q. Do you really wear glasses?

Why, yes I do! I'm shortsighted.

Q. How tall are you?

"I am 5 ft.11 1/2 ins., but I answer to 6 ft. in my heels!"

Q. What is you favorite music?

"Pretty varied really. I like U2 very much (Pride is probably my favorite song) and I will always cry at Puccini."

Q. Who are your favorite books and authors?

"I am an addict of the Patrick O'Brian "Aubrey and Maturin" novels. Patrick O'Brian's Naval Gazing Seafaring in a 19th. century British Naval Frigate. I have just enjoyed "Gates of Fire".Gates of Fire : An Epic Novel of the... I also have a soft spot for Spy novels. I have read all there is to read on the famous Philby, Burgess and MacLean spy ring."

Q. What sports do you play?

"Well, I love soccer best of all, but it is definitely a young man's game..90 mins of non-stop running. I do occasionally turn out for the local AYSO coaches games, but usually regret it after a few minutes. I have also been known to play in a charity softball game down in South Carolina. That was when I was with "Days". I'm an armchair enthusiast for football too. In the summer I enjoy a game of tennis when I can drag myself away from the beach!"

Here are the photos from the softball game in South Carolina with the DOOL team from Salem!

Charlie waiting to play for charity with the Days of Our Lives team! Ready to play! (size: 63KB)

Charlie after playing softball on the Days of Our Lives Team! Playing softball! (size: 63KB)

Q. What other family members do you have?

There's me and my brother, David. He's two years younger than me and we have just recently formed a production company together. He is a very talented actor (he went to Drama School before me and was working with Derek Jacobi and Nicholas Hytner, while I was still at college!)

My mum and dad are still alive and well and living in England in a village about an hour out of London.

Q. What has it been like like working with Fran?

She is an extraordinarily talented and accomplished lady. She and her ex-husband, Peter Mark Jacobson, created and developed and drove the engine that was The Nanny. She is very canny about the way the business works and how to find or create a place in it for yourself. I watched and learned a great deal from her. It was interesting having your leading lady also be your boss! but we got along very well and I have enjoyed working with her very much.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

You know, when you work in the Theatre you get instant feed-back from an audience, which is the most important currency to an actor. On TV and film you don't get that. The currency that is the support and appreciation of the fans out there is the most important, and valuable currency I get: and I feel very rich. From "Days" to "The Nanny', my fans have been so generous and supportive and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. It is mainly for that reason that I decided to create this web page as a way of staying in touch and keeping some kind of two- way communication open. I hope you all continue to stay in touch with me and my career.

Q. I was just wondering if for the autographed pictures, are you the one that writes the address that it is on the front of the envelope?

I autograph and dedicate the photos. . .that is really my signature, but someone else sticks them in the envelopes, addresses them and sends them out!

Q. When you were starting college, how did you feel?

Very excited. I loved school and I love learning.

Q. I am starting college in less than 21 days and I wanted to know did you just go for it or did you wonder about your life, where it has gone and what's to become of it?

I always live my life 2 inches in front of my face, 'cos that's where I'm going to be next.

Q. One thing I've always tried to teach my students is not just how to memorize something, but how to find information when you need it. So, I guess that's why I took this opportunity to drop you this note. I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't. My question seems appropriate for you since you have been involved in both daytime shows and a sitcom. How do you handle memorizing the lines when there is so little time compared to preparing for a play? Is teleprompting a major crutch or is it even used at all?

To answer the 2nd part 1st.....Teleprompters are used on soaps and some hour dramas, but I find them a real liability. The brain finds it very hard to jump from memory recall to reading and back again. So if you start reading the prompter, you better continue that way and vice versa. As for how to train the brain to recall, it is just Just like any muscle in the body the recall part of the brain just gets stronger with practice. For scenes, I find programming a small tape recorder with everyone else's lines very useful. Every time your cue comes up you hit the pause button, say your line and then release the pause again.

Q. I am a college student studying law here in Florida and was wondering what you liked most about it. Also did you have to work while you were going to Law School?

I enjoyed digging through precedent and trying to find the "one thing" that you could extrude from the decision to help your own case. And, I was lucky enough to be at University when I was studying, so did not have to work to support myself.

Q. Did you only visit Amsterdam or have you seen more? And if you actually went to "De vrijmarkt", what did you think of an overcrowded Amsterdam?

Only saw Amsterdam, but were lucky enough to be there for "Queen's Day." I have NEVER seen a street party like it ! Has to be better than Mardi Gras!

Q. Was your daughter Madelyn named after Madeline Zima?

Much as I adore Madeline Zima, Maddy was a name we have liked for a long time. But it certainly made it easy to remember my daughter's name....both of them!

Q. Do you believe in homework? If you don't, since you've got all that lawyer knowledgde and stuff, can you do something to get rid of it????

I'm afraid homework is what we lawyers call a "necessary evil." That means, it stinks but we would be worse off without it. The best thing is to do it as soon as you get home from school...that way you are still in a "brainy mode". Then, when you are done, you can switch off for the rest of the evening!

Q. Do you really swim in the ocean with Fran Drescher in the marriage episode?

No...the illusion of TV. However, we did really lie on a very cold and windy Malibu beach for the next episode.

Q. When you were in Vancouver filming the movie, the newspaper indicated that you visited the Shaughnessy area. I was wondering what you thought about it and would you be filming any other shows/movies in this area?

Drove through some of "Shaughnessy" and thought it very nice. Vancouver is a beautiful place. There is a lot of production happening up there, and I would be very happy to spend some more time there!

Q. What were your best/worst subjects in school?

Excelled at English Lit.!!! A total disaster in Math and Chemisrty. I also enjoyed History , but it didn't enjoy me as much !

Q. What's your favorite holiday and why?

As a kid I always loved Christmas, but as an adult I see how dreadfully commercialized it has become, and how greedy it makes kids, and how far from the "spirit" it has become. I enjoy the "family" and traditional focus of Passover. Also, the 4th.July is fun....of course, I have to furlaway my Union Jack on that day!!!

Q. Has anyone else ever compared your comedy style to that of Cary Grant?

If that's what you're doing....I'm extremely flattered. No one else has...but please feel free. His double -take in "Arsenic and Old Lace" is one for the text books.

Q. How many different men auditioned for the Mr. Sheffield role before you landed the part?

That's one of those "Hollywood" type questions where the answer would depend entirely on whom you were asking! You see many would say they werent really "auditioning!"

Q. Could you tell me who did the animation for The Nanny?

Boy, good question ! I don't know, but should...I credit that opening credits as doing as much for our success as anything!

Q. Was there a 'Making of a documentary of Oy to the World' - your animated Christmas episode?

No. That particular Masterpiece stands alone!

Q. If you and your wife Susan had the chance to visit the Vienna Opera ball, would you do it?

In a New York (or Viennese) minute!

Q. I was just wondering if you are as good a dresser in real life as Maxwell was on the show?

Not yet, but I am trying. Unfortunately our amazing wardrobe lady, Terry Gordon, had to get on with her life and was not available to me on a "lifetime basis", so I have to dress myself each morning.

Q. Who played Maxwell's brother Nigel?

The very talented, and Oh, so roguish, Harry Van Gorkum.

Q. Do you know Tae Kwon Do? And if you do, what belt are you?

No, but if you hum a few bars I could probably sing it. And when I sing I am apt to "belt" it out pretty loud!

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