Charles Shaughnessy Interview October, 2002

I have had many, many requests for interviews from various internet websites, "The Nanny" and "Days of our Lives"groups , message boards and special interest magazines. So as to accommodate everyone, I decided to answer some questions on my website and let every one link to this interview.

First let me say that the enormous number of emails that I have received has been absolutely overwhelming and heart warming. I am really enjoying reading every one of them. "Days of Our Lives" and Shane have so many loyal fans! Thank you all for writing, for your kind words, your congratulations on my citizenship and your welcoming of Shane back in to Salem. I am especially delighted to read so many emails from people that started watching back in the 80's, watched in college or with your mothers and grandmothers, followed me to "The Nanny" and now watch "Stanley" with your own children!

With all the projects you are involved in right now, are we going to be seeing you on any talk shows any time soon? Or maybe an online chat?

No, I don't have anything planned at this time. We will always post to the events page of the website when I do.

Have you started taping [DOOL] yet? Who on the set were you most glad to see again? Are we still talking just nine shows? And, will it be the same Shane we knew from the glory days?

Yes, I started taping on October 9th. I was thrilled to see everyone again. After 8 years on the show, I made some very good friends, on camera and off and they were all so kind to welcome me back. Actually, they have extended my time here by a few more days. Though my return is somewhat different than what I expected, let me say that yes, Shane is still Shane and he is still with the ISA.

Do you know the air dates for November that you will be on DOOL?

Our shooting schedule doesn't really coincide with the actual days that my episodes will air, so you will just have to watch every day in November! I finish taping November 2nd.

Are there plans for any other adventures for the new "Spin & Marty"?

No, not that I am aware of.

My name is Yakov and I'm living in israel. I have seen Days of our Lives in Israel since it started in 95; and I'm really sorry we - the DOOL Israeli fans did not got the chance to watch you as Shane. However I did see you in The Nanny" and I enjoy your acting and the charm you brought to Mr. Sheffield. What do you want to say to the Israeli people?

I am so thrilled that you are enjoying Days of our Lives in Israel. If the show can give you some enjoyment and escape from the tensions and anxieties that you must be living with on a daily basis, then it will have done more good than we could have hoped for. All of us here feel for all the people in your part of the world and pray that wiser, cooler heads will find a solution to such a complex and tragic situation.

I would swear I read that you are Irish. But after reading your biography, I see you were born and raised in England. How far back are your Irish roots?

My great, great, great grandfather George came to America from the County Limerick in Ireland during the potatoe famine. The family moved from America to Canada where my father's grandfather became President of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. But my dad was brought up by his stepfaher in England, so I grew up in England. But now the wheel goes full circle and the Shaughnessys are back in America. If you want to read the full story, you can read about it in my Dad's book "Both ends of the candle"

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Touched By an Angel. That is one of my favorite shows. When will your "Touched By An Angel" episode air?

At this time, I have been told that my episode will air on November 16th. It is part of a two part story arc, but I only appear in the first part.

I was wondering if you know when we will know more about what your storyline [on DOOL] is. Also do you know if it involves John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, Billie & Colin or Jack & Jennifer? Especially interesting if Ms. Hall is a part of your storyline arc.

Well, I have gotten many emails speculating about Shane's story line. But, what fun would it be if you knew what was going to happen ahead of time? You will just have to watch and see! Let me just say this. Shane is still with the ISA, so it is safe to assume that there is an ISA connection to my return.

What is the status of your film "The Painting?"

As far as we know, "The Painting" is not on video and has no distributor.

I have received so many emails about Stanley, here are comments from a few.
Congratulations on "Stanley" and winning the emmy. It is such a wonderfully educational show and my kids love it. They love animals and I love all the lessons that they learn from the show. Dennis is such a good role model! Any chance that Stanley will be made into a movie like other Disney characters?. . . I love Dennis, I've named my new Betta after him. I'd love to find a little chair for his tank! . . . I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of such a fabulous children's show! Stanley's World is never missed in our household.

Thank you very much. I truly enjoy doing the voice of Dennis and working with all of the talented people that bring the show to life. I would love to do a film version of "Stanley!"

Can you tell me about your brother David and his family? Isn't he involved in a soap opera? Is he married and does he have kids?

Yes, David is Executive Producer of the "Young and the Restless" and doing a fabulous job. His wife Anne, who was a writer on DOOL when they met (yes, Susan, Kristian Alfonso and I played matchmaker over Sushi one night!) is now writing on the "Bold and Beautiful". They have three lovely girls: Amy, Katie and Josie.

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