30 may, 2005

Charlie guest starred as Dr. Drummonds in the episode Mystery Woman: Vision of Murder. It premiered on The Hallmark Channel on Sunday, 5 June. the hallmark website channel locator

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It's a miracle spa that offers a complete workout for body, mind, and spirit, but a psychic is seeing things a little differently . . .

Welcome to Drummonds' Spa, equipped for cutting edge cosmetic surgery, rejuvenating body workout, and complete diet regime„all at a low, low price. It's a dream getaway for Mystery Woman bookshop owner Samantha Kinsey (Emmy nominee Kellie Martin, E.R.) who's been hired to take pictures for the new spa's brochure. In tow is her friend Cassie (Nina Siemaszko, More Tales of the City), an aspiring district attorney who's not adverse to a minor makeover. Unfortunately the weekend gets ugly. Two guests, Debbie Philips (Allison Smith, Holes), and Alice Robbins (Bess Meyer, Heathers) discover they have something in common„namely, Alice's philandering husband, George (Scott Grimes, Band of Brothers). In a rage, Alice threatens murder. In a twist of fate, Debbie disappears. In a flash, a third guest, Emily (Felicia Day, Bring It On Again) has psychic visions of where Debbie's body is buried„and that's just a little too convenient for suspicious authorities.

Samantha and Cassie are skeptical. Why would this meek young woman with no motive murder a complete stranger? The amateur sleuths have other questions too: why did the Chief Administrator forbid any pictures of his staff? Where was the spa's hunky exercise guru the night Debbie was killed? What secrets are hiding behind the surgically enhanced beauty of the cosmetic consultant? The visionary answers better come fast, because nobody is who they seem. When Samantha resorts to enlisting her bookshop partner Philby (Clarence Williams III, The Mod Squad) to utilize his former CIA skills to hack into the spa's computers, they discover that murder is just one of the crimes at hand.

Now, a cunning DA, a CIA hacker, and a dubious psychic conspire to aide gorgeous gumshoe Samantha Kinsey when old-fashioned murder gets a cunning new facelift.

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