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Beginning 11 November, 2002, "The Nanny" began playing in syndication on cable Lifetime TV. They have an area on their website all about the show The Nanny on Lifetime TV with some fun things to do. Especially amusing is The Queen's English

Watch "The Nanny" on Lifetime TV.

This is the episode guide. Check your local listings.

  • Here's a copy of the transcript from The Ultimate TV online chat with Charles Shaughnessy that he did at the beginning of the sixth season of "The Nanny."Chat from Ultimate TV Online

  • This is an article from USA TODAY, May 1998 on the wedding of Fran and Maxwell " 'Nanny' marries into uncertain future"

  • From TV Guide's best dressed list of people on TV shows, during the time on "The Nanny." Charles Shaughnessy, as Maxwell Sheffield

  • This is the text of an article from The Australian Woman's Weekly, from November 1998 written by Lawrie Masterson about Charles' family. Oh Mr. Sheffield!

  • To read the program that was given to the audience members when they attended a taping of The Nanny during season six, go to this page The Nanny program for the audience members

  • This is an interview that Charles did on 6 april, 1998 for Click on this link to read the transcript interview from 1998 or click on this link to hear the interview. You must have Real Player on your computer to hear it.

  • This is the text of an article from On Sat magazine, America's weekly satellite guide from April- May, 1997. Fran's Man

  • To read Charlie's comments in a personal letter to the fans, about the ending of The Nanny,please click on this link Charlie's letter to the fans

  • To read an E! online interview with Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy from 19 april, 1999 about the "lost episodes" of "The Nanny," click on this link Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy comments to E! online
  • This is an interview and photo shoot with Charles from 16 september, 1998. Click on the link to read and hear the article "The Nanny on the Beach" You need to have Real Player on your computer. If you don't have Real Player, go to their website and download Real Player for free.
  • To read a note from Charlie and to see photos from backstage after the taping of the finale of The Nanny, please go to this page From the final curtain to the party afterward

  • If you want a momento from the Sheffield's home here's the place to go The Sheffield's home

  • For all The Nanny Fans! Here's the place to see the photos from backstage at The Nanny and photos that have been previously featured on the website. You can find them by going to The Nanny Gallery

  • This is an interview with Charlie from CNN Showbiz News that was done during the taping of the wedding episode of "The Nanny" where he recounts his own wedding memories. Click on this link to read the interview done by Bonnie Churchill Wedding Memories

  • This is an article from (which is now on the induction of "The Nanny" into the Museum of Television and Radio. Click on this link to read the article The Induction of the tv show, The Nanny into the Museum of Television and Radio.

  • From ET Online. . .on Columbia Tri-Star's 50th anniversary. . .several years ago. . .with Charlie and Fran

    Host Deb: Fran Drescher is heading over.

    Host Rose: She's wearing this flowered top thing, orange with white, and black pants and platform shoes. She looks... like Fran Drescher.

    Host Deb: Charles Shaughnessy is here too.

    A fan asks Charles Shaughnessy: Is there any possiblity that you may make a guest appearance on "Days Of Our Lives?" Would you ever return to the show?

    Charles: When Shane finally finds his man in Europe. He's still trying to find him.

    A fan asks Charles Shaughnessy: If you could change places with one person for one day who would that person be?

    Charles: I might have said Clinton at one point, but maybe not now. Let me get back to you on that.

    VBall_Gurl asks: Fran, How much say do you have in the writing of your show?

    Fran: A lot. (laughs) I'm very involved in the writing on every level.

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