The Nanny on the Beach

from ~september 16, 1998

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We caught up with Charles Shaughnessy, Fran's on-screen hubby, for the inside scoop on what to expect from next season. Will "The Nanny" become "The Mommy?"

"The Nanny" co-star, Charles Shaughnessy on impending fatherhood?

ET: The island is maybe where you guys have your honeymoon night?

Charles Shaughnessy: Shhhh! Yeah you better believe it we scare the animals, yeah, the wild animals all leave us well alone after that night.

ET: Well, since you do consummate your relationship then there's a chance later on in the season that there maybe a little Sheffield?

Charles: Now who have you been talking to? Yeah I think there's probably every chance it can often end up that way. If you consummate the relationship on or off a desert island the patter of tiny feet may not be too far behind so I think there's a good chance we'll be seeing a whole other side of the Nanny and Maxwell.

ET: The problem is then her wardrobe will change.

Charles: Yeah right, well I'm sure she'll find a way of making it look just so, practical as ever but always a dedicated follower of fashion.

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