Days: Come Back, Shane! November 2002

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In life, it's always nice to believe that the best is yet to come. In daytime, it's practically a rule that the best are yet to come back. Trust us, it's not for the doughnuts in the green room. They miss the steady work, the steady paycheck and the steadfast devotion that soap fans lavish on beloved icons. So far this year, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda, GH), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila, B&B), Lisa Rinna (Billie, Days), Thaao Penghlis (Tony, Days) and Eva LaRue Callahan (Maria, AMC) have all dropped back onto the soap radar screen.

Now, this week, Charles Shaughnessy returns to Days of Our Lives ten years after relinquishing his role of international crimefighter Shane Donovan. He's hardly been idle career-wise during the past decade. During his six seasons as Fran Drescher's class-act leading man, Maxwell Sheffield, on The Nanny, Shaughnessy filmed 146 episodes, several of which featured other soap guns as guest stars. Memorable appearances included Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R) as a pompous theatre critic, Stephen Nichols (ex-Patch, Days; ex-Stefan, GH) as a haughty soap star and Y&R cast members Peter Bergman (Jack), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and Jeanne Cooper (Kay) as themselves. In 1996, Shaughnessy had top billing in the Lifetime TV movie A Kiss So Deadly, which cast him as a desperately-seeking-affection factory owner who gets romantically involved with his daughter's college roommate. Ironically, Charlotte Ross (the future NYPD Blue star), who had played Shane's daughter, Eve, on Days, co-starred in A Kiss So Deadly as the sexy roommate. In 1998, Shaughnessy became a guest regular on Hollywood Squares. This May, he received a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Performer for his role as Dennis the goldfish in the animated program Stanley. His other primetime ventures include Second Chances, The Painting and Get a Clue.

To welcome Charles Shaughnessy back to Salem, sleuthing and chowder at the Brady Pub, here is a complete history of Shane Donovan's escapades.

The Return of Shane

Kimberly and Shane at their
wedding in 1987.
ISA operative Shane Donovan first came to Salem in 1984 to keep an eye on Stefano DiMera's illegal dealings. Later, Shane and Kimberly, who had fallen in love, went with Bo and Hope to England to stop the Dragon, a terrorist who was thought responsible for the death of Shane's wife, Emma. Bo and Hope chased the Dragon and trapped him in the Tower of London. He escaped and made his way to the U.S. where Shane learned he was actually his old friend, the Duke of Earl. When the Duke tried to kill Shane, he fell to his death. While in England they were shocked to find Shane's supposedly dead wife Emma alive. She had been brainwashed by the Dragon to kill Bo and Hope. Emma returned to Salem and Kimberly backed away from a now married Shane. While she and Shane were estranged, Kimberly began a relationship with Victor Kiriakis. When Shane and Emma divorced, he and Kimberly were reunited. Then, Shane was assigned to nail Victor. While on a mission to do so, he became trapped and Kimberly had to sleep with Victor to save his life.

Kimberly undercover as
a prostitute with pimp
Nick Corelli.
After Shane and Kimberly became engaged, she learned she was pregnant and feared Victor was the child's father. Shane heard Kimberly talking about her fears and quickly broke off the engagement. When tests where done, Shane's ex-wife Emma switched the results and everyone believed Victor was indeed the father. Shane and Kimberly happened to be in West Virginia when she went into labor in a remote cabin in the woods. Shane delivered the baby and pledged his love for Kimberly and the child. They planned to marry even though they believed Victor was baby Andrew's father. This infuriated Emma, who tricked Kimberly into signing adoption papers. Emma took little Andrew and planned to sell him on the black market, but was eventually caught. She beat the rap with an insanity plea. Andrew wasn't found, however, and Shane and Kimberly split up. Later, when Emma Donovan was found dead, Kimberly was arrested and charged with the crime. Kimberly was innocent and Shane worked to free her. He learned that his old partner Gillian Forrester had killed Emma and set Kimberly up in hopes of ruining his and Kimberly's marriage. Andrew was finally returned to Kimberly and Shane, and the two reunited and on May 4 1987, they were married. After Andrew was hit by a car and needed blood, it was discovered that Shane was really his father.

Shane with Kimberly and
Gabrielle, his former partner
and the mother of his
daughter Eve.
Shane learned he and Emma Donovan had a daughter, Eve, a troubled young prostitute that Kimberly had befriended. Eve was out to destroy her father's marriage because she blamed Kimberly for breaking up her parents. Shane took Eve into his house, but she continued to be a problem for Kimberly, who was pregnant for the second time. Eve was soon forced back into prostitution by her old pimp Nick Corelli and she called Kimberly for help. Kimberly and Eve were both attacked; Kimberly lost her baby and a slash to Eve's face left her with a permanent scar. Shane soon learned that Eve's mother was actually Gabrielle Pascal, not Emma Donovan. An upset Kimberly left Salem to sort through her life and Shane started seeing Gabrielle. When Kimberly returned, she went undercover as a prostitute to help capture the Riverfront Knifer. When Shane learned what Kimberly was doing he helped her and as a result they reunited. Kimberly and Shane renewed their wedding vows and went to England for a second honeymoon. There, Kimberly was shocked to discover that Shane had a twin brother, Drew, who was also an undercover ISA agent. Drew returned to Salem with the couple.

Patch and Kayla, with whom
Shane worked in the ISA.
Shane accepted a dangerous ISA mission that sent him undercover. During the mission, Shane was double-crossed by an old ISA friend Jericho, who abducted him and held him prisoner. Shane eventually escaped and he and Patch tracked Jericho to the top of a mountain, where a bomb went off. Patch escaped but Shane was presumed dead. Cal Winters lent support to a grieving Kimberly. Shane finally made it back to Salem, only to be shot by Kimberly, who thought he was an intruder. Cal had staged phony break-ins and had given her a gun to protect herself, as part of his plan to have her kill Shane. Shane survived and in the hospital he learned that his wife had shot him. He eventually believed Kimberly's prowler story and forgave her, but another obstacle came in their way. Kimberly was pregnant, and she believed the baby was Cal's. Shane learned about the baby and was forgiving, although it did put a strain on their relationship. Kimberly left Salem and gave birth to baby Jeannie a few months later.

Shane with Bo and Hope
on the Kern River.

After Patch was murdered, his wife Kayla bonded with Shane as they investigated Lawrence Alamain as their most likely suspect. Lawrence lured Kimberly back to Salem to try to thwart their efforts, then ISA Chief Tarrington recruited her to spy on Lawrence. Eventually, Lawrence was apprehended. Later, Cal, who himself was in prison, escaped and harassed Kimberly. She thought it was Lawrence, until Cal kidnapped Kayla. Kayla was rescued and Cal revealed that Shane was really Jeannie's father.

Shane, Kimberly and their
son Andrew.
At a museum party, Shane's attempt to disarm a bomb failed and he was left paralyzed. He refused to have surgery that could restore the use of his legs and put up a wall that only Kayla could penetrate. Kayla helped Shane recover and the two realized that they had fallen in love. Shane, however, pulled away, fearing he could not make love to her because of his paralysis. On Shane's advice, Kayla took a job in Los Angeles and he became an instructor at the police academy. When Kimberly returned to announce her engagement, Shane witnessed a drunk driver run into her. He leapt from his wheelchair to go to her aid. He had regained the use of his legs, but, to clear the way for Kimberly and her new fiance, he left Salem for Europe and a daring ISA assignment.

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