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cover For those of you who have asked, this is the VHS tape version of the Disney movie that I did, "The New Adventures of Spin and Marty." At this time it is insanely expensive for a new copy, some time after release, the price usually drops. However, when they have some, you can find used copies that can be purchased on amazon for around $15.00. They will show up on the same page for used copies, click on used price.

Wednesday June 10, 1998
For Immediate Release
The Wonderful World of Disney
The New Adventures of Spin & Marty: Suspect Behavior

Judd Nelson and Charles Shaughnessy Star in a Modern Day Version of the Delightful 1950s Mickey Mouse Club Serial, "The New Adventures of Spin & Marty: Suspect Behavior" for "The Wonderful World of Disney"

David Gallagher and Jeremy Foley Star in Title Roles; The Original Spin (Tim Considine) and Marty (David Stollery) Also Join the Cast in Cameo Appearances

The beloved Mickey Mouse Club serial "The Adventures of Spin & Marty" returns to the airwaves as a two-hour telefilm full of modern day twists and turns. Judd Nelson ("The Breakfast Club," "Suddenly Susan") and Charles Shaughnessy ("The Nanny") star in the film, with David Gallagher ("7th Heaven," "Phenomenon") and Jeremy Foley ("Dante's Peak") in the title roles. This fun-packed new version, entitled "The New Adventures of Spin & Marty: Suspect Behavior," has begun production in Vancouver, Canada and will air during the 1999-2000 television season as part of "The Wonderful World of Disney," Sundays, 7-9 PM (ET/PT) on ABC.

The film updates the popular 1955-58 series with a hip city setting and tremendous appeal for the entire family. Combining the concept of the original series with the tales of the popular Paul Zindel novel "The Undertaker's Gone Bananas," the plot of the book about a devious undertaker becomes the storyline for Spin and Marty's adventure together.

"In looking at our development for "The Wonderful World of Disney," we decided to try to revive an old Disney icon from years ago that might give baby boomer parents a new reason for tuning in with their families," suggested Leah Keith, vice president, production, Disney Telefilms. "The "Spin & Marty" series had a huge following from the old days of "The Mickey Mouse Club" so it was only fitting that we find a contemporary adventure for the boys.'' Keith continued, "David Simkins' wonderful adaptation of Paul Zindel's young adult novel The Undertaker's Gone Bananas provided a fresh Rear Window-esque buddy adventure that helped us to depart from the original dude ranch locale. We hope we have captured the old characters while infusing into them modern sensibilities amidst a popular culture."

Jeremy Foley plays 14-year-old Spin Evans, a James Bond wannabe who is out to save the world. . . whether it needs it or not! Innocent people are sometimes the target of his overactive imagination, and he has finally gone too far when the wealthy and influential Markhams (tenants in the palatial building Spin's parents manage) become Spin's latest conquests. Believing that they are traveling to Paris under the guise of a vacation but are actually planning to blow up the Eiffel Tower as a protest against French Imperialism, it is Spin's job to save the free world from their evil. Caught in his latest caper, Spin is grounded for the entire summer ... without parole.

Meanwhile Marty Markham (Gallagher) is suffering his own kind of hell at the hands of his parents. Pretty much a loner with only his butler Jordan (Shaughnessy) to call a friend, Marty is expected either to spend the summer at the dude ranch or travel to Paris with his parents, neither of which interests him. His concerned mother gives him an ultimatum: find a friend in three days or off to the dude ranch it is. The dutiful Jordan is left to enforce the new rule.

Just as Spin is looking for his next caper and Marty grows desperate for a friend, some very intriguing new neighbors move into their building. Jack Hulka (Nelson) and Veronica Hulka, played by Yancy Butler (``Brooklyn South''), arrive looking eerily like the Grim Reaper and his wife. The fun is about to begin as Spin and his new friend Marty uncover some unearthly deeds.

"Judd Nelson is a wonderful actor," commented executive producer Salli Newman. "He brings a complex nature and intelligent humor to the off-beat role of Hulka. It's exciting to watch Judd tap into that darker side, an aspect of his character we've not seen in while."

Tim Considine and David Stollery, the original Spin & Marty, return to the small screen with a special cameo appearance in the movie. "Screenwriter David Simkins came up with a clever and symbolic way to involve Considine & Stollery in the modern day adventure story," enthused Newman. "In a changing of the guards scene, the torch is passed on and the keys are turned over to the new 'Spin & Marty'."

"The New Adventures of Spin & Marty: Suspect Behavior" is produced by Firebrand Productions in association with Walt Disney Television. Salli Newman is the executive producer and Rusty Cundieff directs the teleplay written by David Simkins.

"The Wonderful World of Disney" airs Sundays, 7-9 PM (ET/PT) on ABC. Contact: Carla Princi, 818/560-4676

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