It Was Our Very First "Write The Winning Entry and Win Cool Stanley Stuff Contest!!!"

On March 11th 2003, we picked the winner and here is the winning entry!!

It's Mikayla Elizabeth from Michigan. This is Mikayla's entry:

I like the cartoon Stanley. It has many animals that I don't normally get to see in my every day life. I like that Dennis lets Stanley learn about life through the education of animals. I wish I had a great big book of everything. I think it is neat to have a little gold fish talk and be Stanley's mentor through his early age . Stanley is a little boy who wants to know about everything. He has his relationships with his family and friends but he still tries to find something a lot more interesting in his life. He gets himself in trouble sometimes, but he always gets himself out of it.

My favorite Stanley cartoon is when Stanley and his daddy are playing in his living room and his daddy has to go talk on the phone and Stanley gets mad because his daddy won't play with him. So he goes into his room and gets the Great Big Book of everything and wants a Lion to be his daddy but then he realizes that the Lion isn't a playful kind of daddy, and then later his real daddy comes and starts to play with him again and that made Stanley happy. I cry sometimes when My mommy turns the TV off when Stanley is on. I like Stanley so very much. If you see Stanley tell him He has a fan! Love, Mikayla Elizabeth

Congratulations Mikayla!!! And thanks so much to everyone that wrote in!!

This was the contest. . .

As you know, each week, Dennis helps Stanley learn something new about himself and how best to navigate the twists and turns of a young boys life.

Tell me in 250 words or less, an occassion when one of these lessons has been particularly relevant to you or your family.

The winning entry will get a personally autographed photo of Charlie, one brand new Stanley and Friends Play Set ~ very cute, three plastic figures, Dennis, Stanley and Harry in their very own carrying case

(click on the images to see larger pictures)

[stanley and dennis playset ] [stanley and dennis playset]

One set of Stanley A to Z animal flashcards.

[stanley a to z] [flash

You can get your ideas from watching "Stanley" on The Disney Channel, from any of the "Stanley" books, CD's or CD ROMs, and from the website at Playhouse Disney "Stanley" and "Dennis" website at Playhouse Disney.

Here are the rules:

All entries must be received by Friday, 28 February, 2003.

This is very important. With so many to read you MUST limit your e-mails to 250 words or less. This will be strictly adhered to. NO exceptions. Anything over 250 words will be disqualified. It MUST be 250 words or less.

To keep it honest and give everyone an equal chance, remember, only one entry per person will be considered and you must include:

your first and last name


the city & state or city & country where you live.

The winning entry will be posted on the website.

You MUST have the words Stanley Contest as the subject title of the email or we may not receive it.

Any entry that does NOT meet the rules properly will be disqualified and will NOT be eligible to win.

Have fun! ~Charlie

Any personally identifiable information will be used solely by Shaughnessy Productions. The name and winning entry will be posted to the website. IF you are the winner, at that time you will need to give us a full postal mailing address in order to receive your prize. It cannot be emailed.

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