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Caroline Rhea & Charles Shaughnessy Take a Bite Out of Production in Disney Channel's New Original Movie; "Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire'' in Production in Toronto Through June 29

The official premiere date of "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire" was Friday the 13th of October, 2000 at 7:00 pm on The Disney Channel. It repeated on Saturday, October 14 at 8:00 pm, then again on Sunday, October 15 at 9:00 pm.

Candid photos from the set of "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire"

Description of photos from left to right, starting at top row. . .

  • Robert Carradine, Charlie, Matt O'Leary taking a break..(43 kb)
  • Caroline Rhea and Charlie. (32 kb)
  • Matt and Charlie wait for their "big scene"! (29 kb)
  • Charlie and Caroline (40 kb)
  • Charlie getting made up in the make-up trailer. (29 kb)
  • Watching the Lakers take the Championship!! We attached forks to the antenna for better reception!!! (35 kb)
  • Charlie, Caroline, Laura, Matt and Myles
  • Matt floats away on Dimitri's coffin!! (11kb)
  • Matt and Charlie (31 kb)
  • Matt, Charlie and Myles (32 kb)
  • Charlie, Matt and Laura (50 kb)
  • Dimitri in his coffin, one (28 kb)
  • Dimitri in his coffin, two (33 kb)
  • The family and Dimitri (27 kb)
  • Charlie and Laura at the wrap party (25 kb)
  • Charlie and the kids at a party, one (53 kb)
  • Charlie and the kids at a party, two (37 kb)
  • Just Charlie (14 kb)

    7 june, 2003

    New photos from Matthew O'Leary's dad from the shoot of Vampire

  • Charlie rappin' at the wrap party (32kb)
  • Charlie teaching Myles to fly on a bike! (89 kb)
  • The wrap party - Look. . .(64 kb)
  • The wrap party - at those. . . (70 kb)
  • The wrap party - DANCE MOVES!!! (80 kb)
  • The wrap party (35 kb)
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BURBANK, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--June 21, 2000--Disney Channel sinks its teeth into an all-new original movie for Halloween.

"Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire" stars Caroline Rhea" ("Hollywood Squares," "Man On The Moon," "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"), Charles Shaughnessy ("The Nanny," "Denial") and Robert Carradine ("Revenge of the Nerds," "Tommyknockers"). The comedy will be in production in Toronto until June 29.

The Hansen kids are in a jam. Adam, played by Matthew O'Leary and his best friend Duffy have gotten their hands on some tickets for the Headless Horseman concert, and his sister Chelsea, played by Laura Vandervoort has a date with her dreamy boyfriend Peter. The only problem is they're both grounded.

Chelsea and Adam will do whatever it takes to get their mom Lynette out of the house, even if it includes a chance meeting with a very mysterious man. Everything seems to go according to plan until their little brother Taylor, played by Myles Jeffrey realizes that this stranger might be a vampire. To see some really cute candid photos from the shoot, go to this link on Myles Jeffrey's website Vampire photos

"Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire" is being executive produced by Michael Nathansonand Bettina Viviano and Cliff Alsberg. Don Schain ("Don't Look Under The Bed") will produce.

Disney Channel, combining original series, movies and specials with timeless classics, is the first general entertainment television network designed for kids and families. Disney Channel is a subsidiary of the The Walt Disney Co.

Toronto Sun 1 july, 2000 by Claire Bickley

Graveyard Shift

Charles Shaughnessy says goodbye Nanny, hello blood-sucking bat

Actor Charles Shaughnessy got some help from his schedule to get into character here in Toronto. "I really was living the life of the vampire," Shaughnessy, 45, said this week at the end of a month of night-time filming of the Disney TV film, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire.

The film, which co-stars Sabrina The Teenage Witch's Caroline Rhea and Robert Carradine, wrapped on Wednesday and will air on the Disney Channel in October.

This time the suave character role held by Shaughnessy, best known to TV viewers as British theatrical producer Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny, has a catch. He's a blood sucking bat.

The story is these kids set their mom up on a blind date because they want to go out for the night," he explained. This apparently very pleasant, charming emergency room doctor turns up at the rendezvous and wines and dines the mom, but the little boy discovers this man is not what he's cracked out to be. He's more than he's cracked out to be. He turns into a bat outside the supermarket." As if single moms don't have enough to worry about.

He whisks the mother off to his evil lair. But he's foiled by this snot-nosed 12-year-old because it's Disney, so you know, the snot-nosed 12-year-olds always foil the bad guy."

Shaughnessy expects the finished film will be too scary for his youngest daughter, five-year old Madelyn, especially with Daddy in the my-what-big-teeth-you-have role. But he believes a good fright is just what Dr. Spock ordered for slightly older kids. Growing up in England, he read classic chillers like Journey To The Centre of the Earth.

You know, the Brothers Grimm and all those fairytales. I think they knew what they were doing. Kids need something because they have fears and deep, deep subterranean anxieties and if you place those anxieties on kind of scary stuff like vampires and monsters and giants, it somehow puts it in the world of make-believe where the good guy triumphs and I think that's good."

Shaughnessy and his wife of 17 years, American actress Susan Fallender, also have a 10-year-old, Jenny, and are based in California. He now considers himself a defacto American, plans to become a U. S. citizen and would rather be called Charlie than 'Charles.'

He also considers himself a little bit Canadian. Paternal grandfather, Thomas George Shaughnessy, was president of the CPR from 1899 to 1918, and he still has cousins here in Toronto and Montreal.

He was in touch this week with his former TV family, specifically Fran "The Nanny" Drescher, who 10 days ago had a tumour removed from her uterus.

"Apparently shes fine," he reported. "they caught it very early and I gather there's no need for follow-up treatment."

The Nanny's end this year after six seasons was "bittersweet," he said. "It was a great job," he said. "But it was a little repetitive and a little relentless. But I certainly wouldn't knock it. It was a terrific run."

There is one U.S. TV role he'd dearly like to reprise.

Three years ago he "creamed" ER's Noah Wyle to become Celebrity Jeopardy champion (winning US $32,000 for a Santa Monica shelter for battered women and kids.

"I was just slightly miffed because they had promised that Id be able to go back the next year and defend it and I never did. They never asked me."

Los Angeles Daily News 30 june, 2000 excerpt from Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

Night shift

While Charles Shaughnessy has been shooting "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire" in Toronto, he's been living the life of, well, a vampire. "It never occurred to me that it would be all nighttime shooting," says the former "The Nanny" co-star, who plays a charming bloodsucker opposite Caroline Rhea in the Disney Channel telepic that airs on Halloween. "We work from 7 in the evening till sun-up, then we go to bed and wake up around 2 in the afternoon. It's odd."

The British actor says the troupe has also had to "contend with some very strange weather. It's been raining a lot, which everyone says is very unusual for this time of year. And the other night we had the biggest thunderstorm I've ever been in. . .It was raging around the set, dumping tons of water on everyone. We're shooting in these fairgrounds, in the middle of a huge field that turned into about 2 feet of mud."

The Toronto Star Saturday, 8 July, 2000 written by Rita Zekas

Oh, Mr. Sheffield, what big teeth you have

HOW SOON they forget.

One season off the air and you're a Where Are They Now? statistic in a recent People magazine.

"I found it bizarre - us and Facts Of Life," ruminates Charles Shaughnessy, who played Broadway producer Max Sheffield on The Nanny for six seasons. "Seems a little strange, sandwiched between Eight Is Enough and Mr. Belvedere."

And exactly where is he now? Why, he's in Toronto playing a vampire in the Disney TV-movie Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire.

No more nice Brit. No more, "Oh Mr. Sheffield" coming from nasally, low-rent Lucille Ball clone Fran Drescher.

In Vampire, he is a blind date, set up by a trio of siblings for their mom, played by Caroline Rhea. Unbeknownst to them, he is a vampire, out for blood. Hers.

Born and raised in the Chelsea area of London, Shaughnessy tried to buck the family showbiz trend: His father was a writer on the BBC series Upstairs, Downstairs and his mother was an actress.

Although he'd acted at school, he opted to study law at Cambridge - "despite a lifelong love of the theatre, I thought it was about time someone in my family did something sensible."

He remembers hanging around the Upstairs, Downstairs set.

"I should one day write a book," he vows. "The two main characters, Mrs. Bridges and Mr. Hudson, were named after two Chelsea soccer players: Alan Hudson and Barry Bridges, members of the Chelsea Football Club 1970."

"The English are not impressed with actors. Soccer and cricket players are absolute heroes.''

A barrister he was not to be. At college, he fell in with mad companions at the Footlights Revue, a spawning ground for comedic talents like Eric Idle, John Cleese and Emma Thompson.

"Emma Thompson was a year after me,'' he qualifies. "I was the same year as Rowan Atkinson, but he was at Oxford with Richard Curtis (screenwriter of Four Weddings And A Funeral). We all knew that Rowan was pretty darn special - and I knew that I didn't want to be a lawyer."

"I spent a year banging around, working in a film company doing odd jobs, and then I went to drama school.''

Which ultimately precipitated his move to America. He followed his heart to Hollywood, specifically Susan Fallender, an American-born actress he met in drama school. They have two daughters, Jenny, 10, and Madelyn, 5.

In Los Angeles, he was an exotic, doing theatre (such as it was in Tinseltown) but subsisting on soaps. After a brief stint as Holly Scorpio's cousin on General Hospital, he spent eight years as dashing Shane Donovan on Days Of Our Lives.

People mag should have the long memory of soap fans.

"It's not so much Mr. Sheffield,'' he marvels, "I'm still Shane. Literally 50 per cent of people recognize me as Shane Donovan, and that was 12 years ago.''

After Days, he did a pilot for CBS and appeared on high-profile shows like Murphy Brown and Mad About You, attracting the notice of the Nanny producers.

"My name came up early on in the (casting) process. Sheffield was always British, but they originally saw him as a Cameron Mackintosh whose big rival was Andrew Lloyd Webber. They wanted him to be very classy to counterpoint Fran.''

As much as Shaughnessy would like to do "a straight, dramatic feature,'' he says doing Vampire is "a hoot. My character is named Dentatois. It sounds like a kind of teeth-cleaning potato chip.''

He keeps vampire hours: goes to bed at 7 a.m., sleeps until 2 p.m.

There are few prosthetics involved in his transformation.

"Just the teeth,'' he explains. "I have my own personal custom-made fangs: three sets, two long and one medium. I presumably get to keep them. They fit right over my own teeth like a bridge."

"The downside,'' he chuckles, "is that the vampire gets an affected lisp. Suddenly, the scary vampire starts to lisp. It's a good thing it's a comedy.''

Shaughnessy uses his own voice - except for the lisp.

"I started out playing around with a mid-European accent, but it just sounded silly. As it evolved, there was a very slight accent, more suave and sophisticated.''

Much like his own plummy tones.

As Dentatois, Shaughnessy wears an elegant, Edwardian-style suit.

"It's very unfussy, dark gray. I found great Chelsea boots and gray shirt, no tie. I look slightly Euro-trash.''

Which would appeal to the character of mom.

"Her kids get grounded and they want to go out for the night, so they have to get mom on a blind date. They find me on the Internet, and we meet at a grocery store. I wine and dine and woo her. Meanwhile, the kids discover I am a vampire and try to save their mom.''

So who ya gonna call? Van Helsing, of course, the great vampire hunter, played by Robert Carradine.

"I had a very good stunt guy. At one point, I had to somersault over bicycles on the street,'' says Shaughnessy. "But Bobby Carradine nails me; I end up in a coffin with silver-plated nails."

"Then I get shipped off to the Arctic, where there is permanent day. I figure that I'll get out in the next century.''

So there could be a spinoff.

"It'll be one of those Highlander things, and we'll all meet again - a little franchise.''

Shaughnessy also wrapped the Disney TV-film The New Adventures Of Spin & Marty, in which he plays a butler to an investigative rich kid. And no, he didn't get any pointers from Niles, the bitchy butler on The Nanny.

"It's a different kind of butler,'' he clarifies. "There are certain things Disney cannot allow kids to do, so they need a butler who can step in and say, 'No Master Martin, you move over, I'll drive.' "

He also did two indie films, Denial and Second Chances. Speaking of which, there is no Nanny reunion film in the offing.

Fran and Mr. Sheffield got married and got pregnant. Was that the kiss of death? Consummating a relationship put the boots to Maddie and David on Moonlighting; Rhoda and Joe; and Susan Lucci's Daytime Emmy nominations.

"It's the same as when they married off Shane and Kim (on Days),'' he reasons, "the audience breathes a collective sigh, leans back and has a cigarette.''

14 june, 2000. Disney press release:

In celebration of Halloween, Disney Channel will produce "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire.'' This original movie depicts the story of a trio of siblings who set their mom up on a date with a "cyber'' suitor who, unbeknownst to them, is a vampire out for blood. When the kids learn the truth about the mystery man, it is up to them to keep their mom out of harm's way.

Executive produced by Michael Nathanson, Bettina Viviano and Cliff Alsberg, produced by Don Schain ("Don't Look Under the Bed'') and written by Robert Keats and Mark Palmer ("Wild Thornberrys''), "Mom's Got A Date With a Vampire'' begins shooting in May and will premiere in October.

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