In 1998 I asked my webmaster, to make a web fansite, where fans could go for all manner of information on upcoming appearances, projects, announcements, history and collectibles. I also wanted it to provide me with an arena where I could give voice to some of my views and opinions on matters that concerned and interested me. With my "SOAPBOX" I like to feel that we started one of the very first Blogs on the internet!

For those of you that have been coming here since the beginning, you can see how the site has grown and changed over the years.

It is always a difficult balance for a celebrity to maintain a relationship with his or her fans by offering a degree of access to his or her personal life, while, at the same time, keeping a discreet distance to protect his or her privacy and integrity. I hope that we have managed to achieve that balance on this site and my social networking sites.

The site has also proved invaluable as a channel for your thoughts, comments and questions which I encourage and enjoy. With the changing scope of social networking on the web, and the fact that most people rely on Facebook for current information, we have also changed to my Facebook Fan Page to keep up with the changing times and use it as a clearinghouse now for all my information. I hope when you click on my Fan Page, you will click on the LIKE button to have all my news, etc, come up in your facebook page news feed as it happens! You can also link through below to all of my other social networking sites.

Click away on the links at the top of the page to navigate all the past goodies we have for you here, and enjoy!


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