Charlie's episode of Young Blades, Sins of the Father premiered on the PAX network on Sunday, 20 March, 2005. The PAX network has become i Independent TV and has begun showing the reruns of "Young Blades" again at 7 PM on Sunday nights. Check your local listings.

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young blades cast
photo by Ed Araquel courtesy of Shavick /Insight Studios

rows 1-4 below, photographer Ed Araquel
row 5 below, first 2 photographs by Ed Araquel, last 2 photographs by Satu Wainlo rows 6-7 below, photographer Satu Waino

young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades

23 january, 2005

youngblades10.jpg youngblades11.jpg youngblades12.jpg youngblades13.jpg
youngblades14.jpg youngblades15.jpg youngblades16.jpg youngblades17.jpg
youngblades18.jpg youngblades19.jpg youngblades20.jpg youngblades21.jpg
youngblades22.jpg youngblades23.jpg youngblades24.jpg youngblades25.jpg
youngblades26.jpg youngblades27.jpg youngblades28.jpg youngblades29.jpg

1st row, tobias mehler, zak santiago, mark hildreth and karen cliche, 2nd row, charlie, 3rd row, charlie with tobias mehler, robert michael sheehan and alex zahara, 4th row karne cliche, zak santiago, mark hildreth, 5th row mark hildreth, tobias mehler, sheena easton, 6th row sheena easton, zak santiago, bruce boxleitner and mark hildreth, karen cliche, 7th row karen cliche, tobias mehler and zak santiago and mark hildreth, 8th row bruce boxleitner, robert michael sheehan and michael ironside

the following are charlie's photos from his time in vancouver and shooting "young blades"
all photos ©shaughnessy productions, all rights reserved
click on small image to see large image

photos 1-10, scenery, photo 11 with his friend joey, photos 12-16 during sword fighting rehearsals with tobias, photos 17-18 nick harrison sword master, photos 19-20 cast and crew with director Richard Martin, photo21 cliff and bam bam, fight coordinators, photo 22 tobias, photos 23-24 tyler with alex zahara

young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades
young blades young blades young blades young blades

Charlie shot a guest starring role as Charles De Batz-Castelmore, Comte D'Artagnan in the former PAX TV series "Young Blades" which premiere don Sunday, 23 January.

Based on the Alexandre Dumas novel "Young Blades" the series follows the adventures of a new generation of sword wielding warriors, the children of the infamous Three Musketeers. A light-hearted, bigger-than-life, swash-buckling primetime hour, "Young Blades" puts the spotlight on a new generation of Musketeers, no feathers and no floppy hats. These young sword fighters-in-training take on the establishment, coming of age and a mystical evil society. Often on the sly, their missions are to defend the homeland, remain loyal to France's young King Louis, and protect the honour of the musketeers against the evil Cardinal Mazarin. The series is a visual indulgence with its era-based wardrobe fit for kings, paupers and, of course, musketeers (Costume Designer Heather Lee Douglas) and its elaborate European inspired set, built in Maple Ridge, BC, where the majority of filming will take place (Production Designer Andrew Deskin).

Cast in the romantic lead role of D'Artagnan Jr. (the son of the legendary Musketeer D'Artagnan - (played by Charlie) is Vancouver's Tobias Mehler (Taken, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Stargate SG-1). The beautiful Jacqueline, played by Toronto's Karen Cliche (I Do-But I Don't, Mutant X), is a natural with the sword, but can only join the Musketeer garrison in disguise as "Jacques". Zak Santiago (The L Word, Dead Like Me, Dead Zone) and Mark Hildreth (Earthsea, X-Men: Evolution, Andromeda) both of Vancouver, also begin their Musketeer training at the garrison as Ramon and Siroc, and become fast friends and fellow adventure seekers with D'Artagnan and 'Jacques'.

Also starring as the evil Cardinal Mazarin, Michael Ironside and as Captain Duval, the head of the Musketeers, Bruce Boxleitner Sheena Easton as Queen Anne and as the young King Louis, Robert Michael Sheehan.

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